Tips for choosing a reputable and reliable residential moving service in Utah

One thing can make or break your relocation; the company you decide to handle everything from packing and transport to unpacking and after-sales service. Choosing a reputable and reliable residential moving company in Utah based on your specific needs is extremely important. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a reputable and reliable moving service provider.

Some key considerations

First, look at the moving industry as a whole; this will involve some research. Then determine your specific needs.

Service: What kind of service are you looking for when hiring a moving company? Are you looking for a company that will box and pack your items or show up and moves what you have prepared? Regardless, finding a company that will meet your expectations is essential.

Packing: Are you doing the packing, or is the moving company doing the packing for you? Do you have suitable materials if you are doing your own packing? Discussing the specifics of your move beforehand is important to ensure all parties are on the same page.

Furniture Prep: A quality moving company should take the time to ensure that all your furniture is padded and wrapped properly for transport. Remember to discuss any furniture disassembly beforehand. Disassembly and Reassembly of furniture can take time, so ensure you account for this.

Whether you are looking for movers in Utah or elsewhere, these considerations will make shortlisting companies easier.

Other considerations

How many employees does this company have? What experience do they have in the moving industry? Do they have any awards or recognitions? Answering these questions makes hiring movers much easier.  

Ask for references

Try asking your neighbors, co-workers, or friends for moving company recommendations. While word of mouth is always good, it is even better when backed by a referral from someone you know. Asking will give you an idea of what types of companies are out there and what people think of them.

Always hire a company with reviews.

Reviews are always important to consider. Be sure to read both the positive and negative reviews and form your opinion on who that company is. Also, think about your own experience through the sales process. That is also a good indicator of who the company is.

Browse through their website and check its look as well as the content. If its content is not offering sufficient information about services, costs, and guides for moving long distances, you need to contact their customer service and confirm all details.  

Please do your part: It's your responsibility to understand the contract and the terms and conditions. Does the company cover any accidental damage? If so, how does that work? Do they charge service or fuel charges? Be sure to read your contract and be sure to get your questions answered before your move.


Your local movers in Utah should do their best to make your move as stress-free as possible. A stress-free move only happens if there is clear communication on expectations. Be clear with the company you choose to hire on what your expectations are. To ensure you have a positive moving experience, follow the tips above.

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