Packing Service

Our professional packers will take your move from stress free to hands free. They will pack your belongings safely and get the job done

We often say you have no idea how much stuff you have until it comes time to move it all. One of the most time-intensive and tedious parts of the moving process is packing everything up. Momentum Moving can simplify this entire process. We bring the boxes,packing- paper, and tape. You sit back and relax while our expert packers box things up the right way.

Full Packing Service

We can come in and pack your entire home from bathroom to your bedrooms to the kitchen. Of course, we can leave out any items you may need access to.

Unpacking Service

Our professional packers can help unpack your belongings and organize each room for you. Want your closet color-coded? No problem, prepare to do absolutely nothing but relax.

Partial Services

You also have the convenience of using our packing services for small jobs. Whether you just need our packers to pack the kitchen or a closet- you decide when the clock stops.

Packing Supplies- We are able to provide packing supplies such as boxes, packing-paper, tape and stretch wrap to all of our customers for what we purchase them for. Since we typically buy in bulk, the pricing we can offer is often better. If we are doing the packing ourselves, we will bring the required material on move day and you just pay for the items we used at the end of the move.

We are of course happy to use packing supplies you provide yourself as long as it’s new or gently used. Our first priority is ensuring the safety of your belongings!


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