Preparing For the Move

Most dressers weren’t designed to be moved with the extra weight of clothes and other items, so for the safety and structural integrity of the item, please remove all items from any drawers. Its also important that any small misc. Items are removed beforehand such as glasses., jewelry, ect. Furniture items will often need to be tilted on their side or even turned over in order to be moved safely and these small items can get lost within the dresser. 

Yes, we know that isn’t the answer you wanted, and we apologize, but leaving items in the filing cabinets increases the chances they will be damaged during the move.

Yes, for the protection of the internal shelves and the items inside, we ask that everything from the fridge and freezer before it's moved. The fridge will always be one of the last things loaded on the truck, and the first things to come off. We do this to make sure your perishable food items are out of the fridge for the shortest amount of time possible. 

If you are moving your fridge to storage, its best to make sure that we defrost the fridge before it gets into storage, or at the very least, be sure the fridge doors are slightly cracked so it can dry properly and avoid any mold build up.

Every move is different. Once you call us and we have an accurate inventory of the move size, we can provide you with a recommendation based off of a simple equation we have perfected over the years. 

Moving Process

We can always reschedule your move free of charge, however it is subject to availability. All we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible so that we have an opportunity to fill the spot you left vacant and get you rebooked into another time. 

We can cancel your move at any time, however if it’s within the 72 hour window of your service date, the deposit will be forfeited.

We only use 24 and 26 foot box trucks. Every truck is outfitted with professional moving pads, dollies, toolkits, bungies, and everything else necessary to get you from point A to Point B 

A 26ft box truck can hold up to 1400 cubic square feet. One of the reasons we try to get an accurate inventory is to be sure we send the right amount of trucks. Our movers try to use every inch of that truck while making sure they stack with care. 

We do everything in our power to make sure your items get from point A to B in the same condition it left in. If for some reason that doesn’t happen, and it was our fault, we will make sure to make it right by fixing or repairing the item(s). If the movers notice a damage as it happens, they will point it out to you. 

If you notice that something was damaged during the move and wasn't noticed, we ask that you let us know and give us a chance to make it right. We have a third party company that will work with you on your damage claim to make it a smooth and simple process. All the information will be found on your moving contract, and pointed out to you before we start your move. Of course, you can always call into the office for any help or additional information.

Absolutely. We are insured. In fact, all moving companies are required by the Department of Transportation to carry insurance and offer liability for damaged or lost goods. Our USDOT# is 3640986. You can find out more about that policy when we send over your estimate! 

If a moving company is operating legally and is registered with the DMV then they automatically provide a “valuation” at $.60 per pound. This means that we and any other moving company are liable for any items broken, lost or damaged at $.60 per pound of the item. This type of movers liability is standard and federal law. However, this is not considered insurance.

You can of course purchase transit insurance which could provide you with complete coverage on everything rather than a declared value per pound. There are many trusted companies that can provide you with this. One thing to remember as well is that often your homeowners insurance policy covers about 10% of the value of your personal policy. This usually includes coverage for breakage and theft in transit. It’s not 100% coverage but it is additional coverage you may have not known about. 

The best way you can help on moving day is by making it clear what items are going, and just being prepared. 

For the most part, having non professionals work alongside our movers can potentially slow things down and cost you more money in the long run. If you absolutely want to help with the physical lifting, that is okay but we ask that you stick to one man items like boxes and misc. Stuff. Due to liability concerns, we ask that all customers stay off the moving truck and not participate in two man items. You can bring items to the truck, but we ask that you leave them outside of the truck so we can make sure the item is protected and then placed appropriately in the truck ourselves.

Utah can have crazy weather. It can go from hot to cold and everything in between! The majority of the time we keep moving during storms. All furniture items are protected with pads and wrap before they leave your house so they don’t get exposed to the elements. Usually there isn’t much of a walk between the location and our truck. 

However if it’s raining or snowing hard, we can either wait for the weather to pass or reschedule the move.It really depends on the situation. As always, we will never move anything if you feel the environment isn’t right. In the case of major weather events that lead to unsafe driving or working conditions for our crew (icy roads, dangerous heat index, ect) we reserve the right to reschedule moves or bring additional movers (at cost) to expedite the completion of the move.

We can help with unloading of rental trucks or PODS. If you would like our assistance with loading a rental truck or POD, we can help but we would have you sign a ROL (Release of Liability). The reason for this is because we don’t have control over the transportation, and we often don’t get the chance to use our own equipment such as bands, pads or straps to protect the items during transit. Because of this we can guarantee the quality of the overall move itself. 

Yes, we offer complete packing service and also packing supplies. 

Sure, if you are planning on storing an item or a number of items for an extended period of time, it is often better to leave the provided wraps on at least the most delicate furniture in order to keep it protected. Also, the item will need to be wrapped regardless in order to transport, so leaving it wrapped may save you time (and thus money) whenever you decide to move those items. We’ll even buy them back from you once you are finished with them! 

Yes, in fact, sometimes furniture disassembly is required in order to move a furniture item safely. Often this includes removing mirrors from dressers, taking apart beds, removing table legs, etc. Everything that we disassemble will be put back together by our team at the other end. Our movers come with their own fully stocked tool bags so they have all the tools they need and these services are included in our hourly rates. 

Yes, we can disconnect and reconnect appliances. The movers will have all the tools necessary to complete the work but we are not professional plumbers. Thus, if you request the service, we will ask that you sign a waiver releasing us of any liability associated with disconnecting or reconnecting water lines and exhaust hoses. 

The most common issue associated with moving appliances is leaks at the water connections. We recommend keeping an eye on the connections the first time you run your first load of laundry. We also recommend that you ensure your dryer hose is free of any holes or knicks before it is installed at the new location. 

If you have a front loading washer we strongly recommend having the shipping bolts (bolts that came with the dryer if you bought it new) that secures the drum. If you do not have them, we may ask you to sign a liability waiver since we can’t adequately protect the drum/washer during transit. 

Finally, if the dryer outlet you are moving to is different from the outlet you moved from (it is a four prong compared to a 3 prong for example) we will not be able to switch out the connections for you.

Special Items

Like most moving companies we do charge for the time it takes to get from our office to the address you provide. We also do the same process for the trip back. We simply input the addresses into Google maps. Don’t worry, we have a GPS on all of our trucks to ensure that you aren’t paying for any additional stops. This travel time is at the same rate as your hourly rate. 

There are a few things we prefer the customers to handle themselves. These include any cash, prescription medication, super fragile breakables, lamp shades, ect. 

First off, we always recommend transporting jewelry, cash, prescription medicine, and other small valuables yourself. Just for your own piece of mind. As for especially valuable larger items (antique furniture, family heirlooms, valuable artwork, or anything with great sentimental or monetary value), please make sure to point these out to the movers before they begin moving so they can make sure to give the item the tender loving care it deserves. It is always helpful if you can alert us to this during the booking process as well (we will probably ask!). 

Due to liability concerns we are unable to move items that weigh more than 400lbs. 

Additionally we do not move grand or baby grand pianos. We can move upright pianos and gun safes as long as it’s not going up or down stairwells and they don’t weigh more than 400lbs. 

We do not move pool tables unless it has been disassembled and the slates removed. 

In addition, we do not move items prohibited by law, perishable items, weapons or ammunition, explosives, flammable liquids, liquids of any kind (cleaning supplies, chemicals, paint, fuel, gas cans, ect) or anything that would put the safety of our movers, the truck, the customer or the customers belongings at risk. If you are unsure whether your items fall into the categories above, please give us a call.


We only require a $100 deposit to book your move! This is applied to the final payment of your move, and is also fully refundable up until 72 hours before your move date. This deposit secures your move date on the calendar. 

Like most moving companies we do charge for the time it takes to get from our office to the address you provide. We also do the same process for the trip back. We simply input the addresses into Google maps. Don’t worry, we have a GPS on all of our trucks to ensure that you aren’t paying for any additional stops. This travel time is at the same rate as your hourly rate. 

As with other service industries, you may wish to thank your movers by offering a gratuity if they do a wonderful job. Keep in mind that gratuity is not expected but is certainly appreciated. 

On average, our crews typically receive tips that are around 10% to 15% of the final bill. Of course, if your movers were super duper awesome you can leave more if you like. Conversely, if you didn’t feel the movers lived up to your expectations, you don’t have to leave a tip at all.

No. The only fee we charge is the hourly rate. Anything on top of that would be material you purchased. 

At the end of the move, the movers will stop the clock and then let you know the total cost of the move. We accept all major credit cards and cash. We do not accept checks. Companies needing to pay by check for an office move can contact our office to work out those details. 

We take all major Credit Cards and cash. Zelle or Crypto is also an option

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